Case Study – Austinmer Beach Park Upgrade




Wollongong City Council wanted new turf at Austinmer Beach Park, with fast establishment so the area could be opened for Christmas. The client preferred to improve existing site soil with minimum disturbance to the iconic Norfolk Island pines. SOILCO worked alongside the client and turf supplier to provide an appropriate solution for the amendment of site soil (B Horizon) and supply a turf underlay (A Horizon) suitable for Eureka Kikuyu.





SOILCO arranged testing of the site soil, which recommended amendment with GO Compost Premium and iron sulphate to improve the B Horizon. Turf Special was supplied as the A Horizon to obtain finished levels and provide a quality underlay for optimum turf establishment and growth. SOILCO worked with suppliers and coordinated with other businesses to meet tight timeframes.


Case Study – Austinmer Beach Park Upgrade


Austinmer Beach is one of Wollongong’s most popular beaches, located just 25 minutes north of the central business district.


Austinmer is well set up to cater to large summer crowds being patrolled September to April. It is located off Lawrence Hargrave Drive, with shops lining the western side and a large car park and park between the beach and the Drive. The Surf Club and other amenities occupying the southern half of this 250 metre long beach. Two large rock pools lie on the southern rock platform.


The relatively small beach is wedged between two low headlands and their extensive rock platforms. It receives waves averaging 1.4 metres, which result in two strong permanent rips against the rocks at each end. The site for this project is a grassed area directly opposite the beach. Ideal for families ball games and beach picnics this area is popular in Summer and warm Winter days.



It was important to the client for this project to be achieved in time for Christmas. With such a tight deadline, it was crucial to work with products that would allow for quick growth of turf. Turf Special, in conjunction with the amended site soil helped create the ideal base for Eureka Kikuyu to prosper.



Case Study – Austinmer Beach Park Upgrade



Excavation and development is detrimental to local soils. The topsoil is often stripped and either left in stockpiles or dumped.


Heavy equipment moves in and compacts the ground surface. What may already be poor subsoil suffers increased bulk density, water runoff, erosion and breakdown of structure.


SOILCO has a proven track record for soil amelioration projects working in conjunction with leading landscapers, civil contractors and landcare agencies.


SOILCO’S soil improvement packages are comprehensive and include:


  • Soil testing and interpretation of results
  • Adaptable methodologies
  • Compliance with relevant quality, environmental and safety standards
  • Soil screening to remove contamination including rocks and debris
  • Incorporation of GO Compost – AS4454 certified soil conditioners
  • Supply and blend ameliorants including lime, gypsum and fertilisers to meet soil chemistry requirements
  • Treatment of subgrade
  • Spreading and cultivating



The application of soil amendments and fertiliser provides desirable species with the nutrition required for healthy growth and vigour. In this situation site soil was used in place of landfill to minimise the disturbance to the iconic Norfolk Island Pines.


“SOILCO has a proven track record for soil amelioration projects working in conjunction with leading landscapers, civil contractors and landcare agencies.”


Case Study – Austinmer Beach Park Upgrade



Turf Special is a natural soil blend with VENM soil, added sand and certified compost suitable for use as a turf underlay.


Turf Special is suitable for all lawn types including soft leaf Buffalo, Kikuyu and Couch. Organic matter provides slow releasing organic nutrients and water holding capacity.



SOILCO GO Compost Premium is a certified composted blend of garden organics, designed for use as a soil improver. It is applied by digging or cultivating into existing soil, and is suited for use in both domestic and commercial gardening and landscaping.


“GO Compost Premium can be used to improve soil, and provide the benefits of adding organic matter.”