Soils for Mass Planting

Mass planting is used to fill landscape areas with groups of flowering or textured leafed plants. Depending on design objectives this type of planting can be elaborate and create impact or else provide a low cost, low maintenance solution for large areas.


Soil mixes for these areas need to have a balance in their physical and chemical properties. They should have adequate drainage for wet periods, but be able to hold moisture in dry times. Nutrients need to be available that will support plant life, but not in quantities that will be detrimental to sensitive plants.


Landscape Mix is a porous blend of sand, soil and certified composted organics. Soilco ensures the product consistently meets the Australian Standard AS4419; Soils for Landscaping and Garden Use, with suitability for Australian Natives.


Benefits of Using Landscape Mix include:


  • Certified VENM soil, free from contaminants found in building site excavated soils.
  • Organic matter provides slow releasing organic nutrients and water holding capacity.
  • Suitable for a wide range of species and site situations.


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