If you are looking for ways to improve the soil in your garden consider using compost. Rather than taking poor soil out of the area and replacing it, adding compost will considerably enhance your soil health and productivity.  Good quality compost increases water holding and supplies nutrients. It can help to reduce surface crusting to allow water to enter more freely. It also reduces compaction which allows roots to penetrate deep into the soil, resulting in larger, more vigorous plants.


But not all composts are the same.


Soilco Compost is made from source separated organics, rather than mixed waste material. The material is composted in open windrows and screened to ensure consistency in the finished product.


Soilco has developed the Garden Organics (GO) range of soil improvers. These products are produced in accordance with guidelines set by Standards Australia and contain GO Compost; certified to AS4454 – Composted Soil Conditioners.


Products in the GO Range include:


  • GO Compost Premium (AS4454) – Garden Organics Compost only
  • GO Mix & Feed – Garden Organics Compost and Manure.
  • GO Mulch – Garden Organic Compost and Timber Mulch


These products have a high organic matter content and are suitable for soil improvement in a wide range of home, environmental, agricultural and rural applications.


Help Soil Structure & Hold Moisture

Enrich Soil for Hungry Plants

Mulch Plants & Improve Soil

Whatever you grow and wherever you grow it, there are many ways we can help.