Vegie Mix


Organic blend with Compost and Manure.

  • Rich open blend of sand, soil, GO Compost and manure.
  • Open mix with good water holding capacity.
  • Designed for gross feeding plants such as vegetables and fruit trees.
  • High in organic nutrients, no additional fertiliser required.


  • Fruit Trees
  • Vegetables
  • Cut Flowers



Vegie Mix can be used as a top up for gardens or to replace existing site soil where a good quality and high nutrient growing media is required.
All weeds, rubble or turf should be removed.
Apply at a rate of up to 300mm. If the desired depth is more than this use a low organic subsoil, such as existing site soil or use turf special.
Always water well after application.



Soil blends may be stored in large piles and may retain heat. Always allow to cool before planting and water well after planting.



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