Soilco is committed to ensuring its products meet the relevant Australian Standards. Product certification has been achieved for Composts and Soil Conditioners (AS4454) and Landscape Mixes (AS4419).


The soil contained in Soilco mixes is VENM soil that has been extracted from our quarry in Wogamia. VENM soil is a natural material free from waste that has been excavated from other areas. This means there is no contamination from industrial, commercial, mining or agricultural activities.

Australian Quality Standards


Soilco manufactures a range of general purpose and specific soil mixes meeting Australian quality standards. The standard sets out requirements for general purpose soils, topdressing, topsoils and landscaping mixes.


The objective of the standard is to provide a set of requirements which will ensure that soils can culture and maintain plant growth and give users the assurance of the suitability and quality of the soils.


Soilco is committed to providing products which come with a guarantee of quality, performance and consistency.

The following table gives a guide on which product to select. Click on the product name to get further information.


Soil MixesOrnamentalsTrees & ShrubsNativesMass PlantingVegie GardenTurf UnderlayTurf
Top Dress
Gold Blend (AS4419)XX
Landscape Mix
Vegie MixX
Turf SpecialX
Top Dress


This should be seen as a guide only. Site conditions and applications are individual and can vary greatly.

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