Soil and GO Compost

The use of compost can provide a myriad of benefits to site soil health through the provision of nutrients, water retention and improvement to soil structure.


GO Compost is manufactured from source separated organics, and complies with AS4454; Composts Soil Conditioner and Mulches. The product is classified as a composted soil conditioner that is sutable for adding to soils to provide organic benefits.

Clay and GO Compost


SOILCO’S GO Compost benefits to clay:


  • Chemically reacts, opening soil, increasing aggregation and structure
  • Creates pore spaces and channels for greater water infiltration and improved drainage
  • Reduces soil crusting, hard-setting and compaction
  • Enables deeper root penetration and development
  • Feeds macro flora such as earthworms, leading to further soil improvement

Sand and GO Compost


SOILCO’S GO Compost benefits to sand:


  • Increases organic content
  • Binds sand particles together, providing structure
  • Improves water-holding capacity
  • Supplies and retains organic nutrients
  • Reduces nutrient leaching