Reduce the cost of disposal, ameliorate soils on site. Site soil is screened to remove physical contamination and oversize material.


Screening soil will assist in meeting the particle size and soil texture requirements of earthwork specifications. Reusing site soil maintains the natural nutrition and micro-biology of an area, and removal of oversized material allows plant roots greater soil penetration resulting in stronger vegetative growth.

Screen and Hiring Packages


Soilco has a range of screens and hiring packages to choose from. Onsite screening options are designed to match output and grading requirements, and screen selection is determined by the different site conditions and types of materials to be processed.



Soilco screens can also manage organic material such as bark, shredded green waste and compost. This will offer the client a tailored, cost effective solution for managing on site soil and organic wastes. The end result will be usable materials, savings on tipping fees and provides a sustainable outcome for waste management.

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