Organic Top Dress


A high performance top dressing consisting of a fine compost/manure blend & added VENM soil and sand.

  • Enables lower mowing without scalping.
  • Added organics provide improved nutrient availability and water holding capacity.
  • Organic nutrients boost soil health and lawn vitality.
  • Less crusting than soil based mixes.


  • Top dress a Lawn
  • Renovate a Sports field



Top dress can be applied year round but spring is an optimum time to apply by providing the lawn with organic nutrients at the beginning of the growing season. Topdressing a lawn in March will assist in extending the growing season.
Mow lawn before applying top dressing.
This allows easier levelling and a more even spread of soil.
If desired, aerate area to ease compaction.
Apply to 10mm deep and rake to spread. Ensure that leaf tips are showing through the surface.
Always water well after applying.



When applying top dressing don’t bury turf. As a guide there should be a third of the leaf blade showing. For very uneven lawns the top dressing may need to be applied in stages



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