Soils in Australia typically have organic matter levels of 1 -5%, much lower than elsewhere in the world where up to three times as much organic matter may be present.


Further decreases in soil organic matter occur through cultivation, harvesting and erosion. Building and retaining soil organic matter is crucial for nutrient cycling and improving long term fertility of soil.

Organic Matter Benefits


SOILCO’S soil improvement packages are comprehensive and include:


  • Increase water holding in sandy soils
  • Break down clay soils
  • Provide slow releasing organic nutrients
  • Provide soil micro-organisms beneficial to plant growth and soil health
  • Retain fertiliser in the soil
  • Reduce the watering requirement of gardens

Garden Organic (GO) Range


Soilco has created a range of Garden Organic (GO) products which can be incorporated into existing soil as soil improvers, protecting the soil as a mulch, or blended with other materials to create growing media.


Products in the GO Range include:


Cross reference the table below and click on the product name to obtain further information.

 Poor SoilIncrease water holdingVegies & Fruit TreesRich in nutrientsRun down garden bedsImprove & Mulch


Compost is often referred to as “nature’s slow release fertiliser”. By using products such as Soilco’s GO Compost™, you recycle valuable nutrients and reduce the impact of organics going to landfill.

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