Excavation and development is detrimental to local soils. The topsoil is often stripped and either left in stockpiles or dumped.


Heavy equipment moves in and compacts the ground surface. What may already be poor subsoil suffers increased bulk density, water runoff, erosion and breakdown of structure.


SOILCO has a proven track record for soil amelioration projects working in conjunction with leading landscapers, civil contractors and landcare agencies.

Soil Improvement Packages


SOILCO’S range of products and services for soil amendment is extensive and includes:


  • Compliance with WHS, Environmental and Quality obligations
  • Strong supply chains for effective project management
  • Adaptable methodologies
  • Soil testing and results interpretation
  • Versatile equipment with experienced operators
  • Screening to achieve desired particle sizes
  • Supply and blending of ameliorants such compost and gypsum to improve the physical, chemical and biological properties of the site soil
  • Co-ordination of multiple site activities including screening, blending, loading
  • AS4454 Certified Soil Conditioners graded to your specifications
  • AS4419 Landscape and Garden Mixes – when additional soils are required

Healthy Growth


The application of soil amendments and fertiliser provides desirable species with the nutrition required for healthy growth and vigour.

Insitu soil can also be enhanced to create a fine moist bed, allowing maximum germination of specified seed mixes and reducing mortality rates in tube stock.


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