SOILCO’s expertise and resources assist clients in managing Green & Timber organic waste.

SOILCO can accept and process shredded and un-shredded green and timber waste from authorised commercial customers.


Our Organics Recycling Facilities at Kembla Grange and Nowra are EPA Licensed. Composts and mulches are processed in accordance with AS4454 and EPA Resource Recovery Orders (and exemptions).


SOILCO also provides onsite processing and removal of green and timber waste. This can be an economical solution when dealing with large volumes.

We can provide trained personnel, vehicles and plant necessary to safely perform these services, and set in place appropriate site establishment and shredding methodology to manage all scheduled work.

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Financial Benefits For Your Business:

– Reducing waste and recycling management costs by avoiding landfill rates.

– Diverting organic waste removes weight, odour and potential liquids from the general waste stream which can reduce waste removal fees and other handling requirements.

– Having a comprehensive recycling program improves the business’s public image.


Environmental Benefits:

– Decrease the emission of greenhouse gases from the anaerobic (without air) decomposition of large amounts of organic material sent to landfill.

– Stop toxic leachates from the organic waste that are filtered into our water table.

– Organic waste is a valuable source of nutrients when composted. This gives life back to Australia’s depleted soils by “closing the loop” through the addition of soil improvers.


What We Accept 

Presorted loads of the following materials are accepted at Soilco Organics Recycling Facilities.


Garden Organics

  • Tree branches, grass clippings, prunings and weeds are accepted if pre-sorted from mixed wastes and excessive amounts of soil.
  • Tree branches/timber must be less than one metre long and 150mm diameter. Timbers must not be chemically treated, painted or stained.
  • Stumps and tree branches over 150mm in diameter and up to 3 metres long charged at a higher rate. Palm trees and fronds. Includes all palm trunks up to 150mm diameter and one metre in length.


Untreated Timber

Timber Wastes must comply with the EPA definition of Raw Mulch. In particular, urban wood residues must be untreated, unpainted and uncontaminated timber collected as a separate source stream for processing.

  • Wood packaging crates and pallets.
  • Wood shavings.
  • Untreated solid wood offcuts.
  • Wood shavings and sawdust.


Garden & Timber Wastes must not contain:

  • Asbestos
  • Engineered wood products such as particle board and ply­wood.
  • Preservative treated or coated wood residues.
  • Physical contaminants including but not limited to glass, metal, concrete, rigid plastics, flexible plastics or polystyrene.


Note: All loads are subject to inspection before tipping. Any loads with plastic, metal, concrete or brick contamination will be refused.

Partnering With Local Councils


SOILCO is experienced in working alongside local councils to assist with the removal and processing of green and timber waste. Along with council contracts for processing of kerbside and drop off timber and FOGO, SOILCO has the resources to undertaken onsite shredding campaigns. SOILCO were recently engaged by Sutherland Council to process green and timber waste after a storm event. Some images below.

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