Organic Air Filters

Manildra Group is Australia’s largest processor of wheat for industrial purposes, processing around 1 million tonnes per year.


Manildra Group prides itself as being an environmentally responsible company with waste management processes including production of ethanol from lower grades of starch, generation & capture of methane from their wastewater treatment plant for use in boilers and re-use of treated water via Reverse Osmosis for factory processes.


To reduce its odour footprint, Manildra Group operates an odour controlling bio-filter system. Bio-filtration removes odorous compounds such as VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) by utilising biologically active media. The VOCs are oxidized by micro-organisms into water and carbon dioxide.
Fifteen thousand m3 of air per hour is processed through the 4 Biofilter cells, with external odour testing performed on a quarterly basis. Critical to the effectiveness of the bio-filtration media is maintaining an even moisture and air passage through the cells.


Soilco supplies Manildra group with a custom compost based bio-filtration blend as a low cost, Do-It–Yourself solution. The blend settles down into the cells and encourages fast establishment of the necessary biological activity.


Features of the Bio-filtration blend includes:
• Provides the desirable living environment for microorganisms.
• Supplies organic nutrients which act in conjunction with the VOCs as an energy source.
• Maintains even moisture levels over the lifespan of the blend, essential for microorganism survival and oxidization of pollutants.
• Open mix for consistent passage of air.


Bio-filter systems have proven to be cost effective, efficient and safer alternatives to traditional treatment methods such as chemical scrubbing. Soilco can tailor blends to provide required porosity and moisture holding characteristics. We work with clients such as Manildra Group to find the combination of organic materials and particle sizes to give consistent air quality results with the longest possible life span. Please contact us for more information.