Soilco and the Emery family have been actively involved in local sport and community projects across Illawarra and the Shoalhaven for 3 generations. Foster Emery played both cricket and rugby in the mid-900s and was instrumental in setting up the Shoalhaven Rugby Union Club. His memory lives on in the Foster Emery Cup with an annual clash between the Wollongong Uni and Shoalhaven Rugby Clubs.

Other community involvement has included:


  • Camp Quality – Convoy for Kids
  • Variety Club – Freedom House
  • Cancer Carers – Banquet on the Beach
  • Illawarra Folk Festival
  • Kidz Fix Rally
  • Permaculture Partners – School Vegetable Gardens



Commercial Food Organics recycling is the collection and processing of food related organics into high quality composted products.This is achieved through separating used food organics from the waste stream at the source of the collection.

That is, food organics from your business are thrown into a separate bin which will be collected and transported to a Soilco EPA licensed facility. Once processed, the finished products are utilised by private gardeners, landscape contractors and horticultural farmers to add valuable carbon, reduce water loss and provide nutrient replenishment to soil, completing the cycle from where the food was first produced.


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As a result of the growth of the organics composting and recycling industry in Australia and the desire of processors to have independence from the waste industry a new association has been formed called the Australian Organics Recycling Association limited (AORA).

Whilst the Waste Management Association has helped develop a strong foundation for the industry over the past 15 years, the industry has now matured beyond being a division of WMAA. AORA expect to retain a strong relationship with WMAA but is looking forward to drawing in a broader membership associated with the use and promotion of recycled organics beyond the waste industry.


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