Compost for Pasture

Goulburn Council has recently used Soilco GO Compost Premium (AS4454) as the seeding material for regrowing pasture.


The pasture was replanted after the installation of a pipeline, and the resultant heavy vehicle traffic on the sites which caused compaction. Approximately 300m3 was spread to a depth of 25-30mm and planted with an agronomist specified blend including rye, sub-clover and native grasses.


The Agronomist was so impressed by the quality of GO Premium Compost that he stated that “You Could Grow Babies in It”. We aren’t sure about that but they were able to grow baby plants.


Features of the GO Compost Premium that appealed to the project team included:

  • Compost quality including minimal contamination.
  • Moisture content and water holding capacity.
  • Product consistency across all of the loads.
  • Texture and spread-ability
  • The product stayed loose and uncompacted, even with traffic.


Good climactic conditions helped to give a good germination and survival rate for the young seedlings. The photo shows the local pasture (on the right) and the pasture growing in GO Compost (on the left). The planted area has been fenced as it has proven to be very appealing fodder for the neighbouring wildlife.


For more information on using compost for improving soil or growing seed, please contact us.