Turf Special is a natural soil blend, suitable for use as a domestic and commercial turf underlay. GO Compost has been added to provide organic nutrients, increased water holding capacity and enable greater root establishment.


  • Medium consistency for easy spreading and accurate levelling
  • Superior soil to root contact
  • Reduced bulk density gives greater coverage and increased root penetration
  • Suitable for all lawn types including soft leaf buffalo, kikuyu, couch and native turfs
  • Certified VENM, free from contaminants found in building site excavated soils
  • Turf Special has been used on RMS R178 approved projects



Used for passive amenity turfing in all domestic and commercial situations including;

  • Home gardens
  • Parks and public amenity areas
  • Can be used as an economical levelling material for commercial and industrial areas.


The larger particle size makes Turf Special unsuitable for use as a top dress for urban projects.




Recommended depth is 50mm. Can be installed up to 300mm to obtain levels.

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