Structural Support Soil is a load bearing 2 part system which provides pavement support as well as increased root zone for street trees.


This system includes:

  • Aggregate with filler soil – to support pavement and provide area for the rootzone.
  • Planter Mix – to provide young plants growing media to establish, and to drain excess rainwater quickly.


Vault Soil is a non-load bearing growing media for use under suspended slabs. A feature of this mix is the ability to drain freely in flash flooding situations.


  • Maximise root zones for trees to improve health and prolong life in urban situations.
  • Direct roots downwards, to minimise damage due to uplifting of surface.
  • Designed as fit for purpose products to drain storm water.
  • Can be supplied as standard mixes or customised to meet hydraulic conductivity or plant nutrient
  • requirements.
  • Contain organic matter to maintain moisture levels.
  • Organic nutrients to support plant life.

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