An organically based topdressing consisting of a composted blend of sand, soil GO Compost and manure. Finely screened it provides easy spread-ability and outstanding water infiltration and absorption.


  • Fine consistency. Suitable for all lawn types including narrow leafed grasses
  • Levels lawn to provide even surface
  • Organic matter increases water holding capacity of soil
  • Broad range of nutrients including nitrogen and iron
  • Easy to spread either manually or with a mechanical spreader
  • Encourages even lawn growth and strengthens density



Organic Top Dress can be used in turf maintenance programs for;

  • Home gardens
  • Parks and public lawn areas
  • Community and competitive sports fields
  • Domestic pastures



Recommended depth is 10mm for soil improvement.

Greater depth can be used for levelling, ensuring that at least 30% of leaf blades emerge through.

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