GO Compost Premium TM is a certified composted blend of garden organics which has been screened to 8mm minus. It can be used in the basic composted form as a soil improver in a variety of different situations including urban soil renovation.


  • GO Compost Premium has been screened to 8mm minus, to create a fine texture
  • Easy to spread either manually or with a mechanical spreader
  • Composting process ensures there are no weed seeds, diseases or phytotoxicity problems
  • Contains organic matter for increased water absorption and supply of organic nutrients



Used for urban soil improvement projects including;

  • Home gardens
  • Horticultural activities such as vegetable growing
  • Soil improvement in public amenities such as parks
  • Sports field renovation
  • Topdressing for pastures and turf



Recommended depth is dependent on application. Can be applied up to a depth of 100mm and then incorporated to a depth of 200mm. This results in a maximum of 50% by volume being GO Compost Premium TM

  • For use as a top dressing 10 – 20mm can be applied if not incorporated, taking care not to completely cover grass.
  • For horticultural activities testing is recommended to determine the optimum amount of organic matter to add to soil.

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