Case Study – Nan Tien



  • DATE: July 2018
  • SITE: Nan Tien Temple – Pedestrian Bridge
  • CLIENT: Vogue Landscapes and Design
  • PRODUCTS: Landscape Mix & Planter Box Mix


“SOILCO is able to liaise with clients and assist with a solution above and beyond the specifications provided.”








Landscape areas on the pedestrian bridge required growing media that will enable strong plant growth with restricted root volumes due to the shallow growing spaces. SOILCO supplied two types of growing media; Landscape Mix for on slab applications and gardens and Planter Box Mix for large pots and single horizon planters. SOILCO has previously supplied the Nan Tien Temple in 1994 and the Institute in 2017.





Supply and delivery of fit for purpose products that meet the physical and chemical specifications of the project. Quality assured, consistent and with proven long-term performance. Manufacturing and logistics capabilities to ensure products were delivered in the required time frames for restricted site access.





SOILCO’s strength is in our resources. Our people, use of technology and equipment gives us an all – encompassing ability to service our clients. Along with application specific products SOILCO has Management Systems and Technical Support to assist our landscape customers meet their compliance obligations.


SOILCO is one of Australia’s leading producers of Soil, Compost and Mulch. SOILCO has successfully combined the latest mechanical and biological processing techniques with over 35 years of composting experience to produce a range of quality assured organic products.


Based in Nowra, just south of Wollongong and Sydney, SOILCO has an EPA licensed facility that is dedicated to manufacturing soils and producing organic composts and mulches that can be used for a variety of urban, civil, landscape, environmental and agricultural applications.


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