Build Better Soils with Compost

Australian soils can often be deficient in organic matter, with levels as low as 1%. Adding compost increases organic matter and enhances soil health.


But what to buy?


Coarse textured material is more likely to be used as a mulch. The larger particles are more woody and slower to break down, with the loose structure allowing air and water movement into the soil. Finer material is suited for use as a soil improver. Fine compost provides greater water holding capacity in soil and has higher levels of organic nutrients.


Compost used for soil improvement should always be fully composted and stabilised. Applying high quality material is important as it will often come in direct contact with plant roots.


Soilco GO Compost (AS4454)


Soilco GO Compost is manufactured from source separated garden organics. It complies with AS4454 – 2013; Composts, Soil Conditioners and Mulches. The product is classified as a composted soil conditioner and provides organic benefits including improvement to soil structure.
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