Biofiltration Media

Lynch Civil Contractors have completed a project in the Bayswood Estate constructing bio-swales around
the perimeter of the subdivision.


The bio-swales are installed as part of the biofiltration sconstruction-of-bioswale_1ystem which prevents storm water runoff from entering and damaging adjacent native forest.

Modern Urban Design recognises the damage that stormwater can do to our ecosystems and water ways through physical and chemical pollution and increased nutrient loading. Biofiltration systems are integrated into urban designs to improve water quality, and provide self-managed ecosystems which are aesthetically pleasing and provide habitat.


At Bayswood the storm water gets filtered through the vegetation and the biofiltration media to improve water quality before being discharged into waterways.  Lynch Civil Contractors installed storm water pits to receive excess flow and planted vegetation along the banks of the bio-swales. The storm water pits direct received water directly into the biofiltration system. The vegetation slows the run-off water and allows physical particles to settle out.


Underneath the vegetation the biofiltration and drainage trench was installed. Soilco Biofiltration Media continues the water quality improvement process with dissolved pollutants being bound to the soil particles and organic matter. The clean water then enters the drainage system, is diverted away from the subdivision and into a nearby creek.


Soilco Biofiltration Media is a loamy sand blend with high permeability which was designed specifically to meet the requirements of Water Sensitive Urban Design Principles. Biofiltration Media contains a proportion of GO Compost (Certified to AS4454) to assist with the chemical and biological processing of the water being treated. It is suited to a number of applications including bio-swales, other bio-retention systems, water gardens and structural soil growing media.