About the SOILCO business

Soilco is a producer of organic soil improvers.

We create a range of soil, compost and mulch products to regenerate your environment for dynamic growth.


Soilco is a horticulturally focussed business, designing products for the regeneration of soil. Our team has diverse technical skills and work together to achieve desired results for our business and clients.


Since starting in 1974 as a family company – and with a background in farming – Soilco has developed a deep and first-hand understanding of issues such as soil fertility and water management.


As a pioneer in eco-friendly gardening, Soilco has worked with both industry and government, developing products that set benchmarks in terms of creating recycled organics that are free from pathogens and weeds, and blended in an economically viable way.

We are totally committed to ensuring our products are certified as meeting the relevant Australian Standards – and are environmentally friendly, safe, effective and innovative.

Catering to the differing requirements of home, commercial, agricultural and environmental markets, Soilco products promote effective growth, providing optimum plant nutrition while helping reduce watering requirements.


Soilco is certified to ISO9001, an internationally recognised quality management system standard. The systems demonstrate Soilco’s capability to meet the required standards of quality.


We work closely with our customers and have the products, resources, technical support and mobility to meet the requirements of project specifications.


Soilco operates EPA licensed facilities in Nowra (EPL 11542) and Kembla Grange (EPL 13171).


Soilco is a producer of organic soil improvers.


Soilco processes green waste, timber and food at our licensed facilities in Wogamia, Wollongong and Sydney.


The material is composted by open windrow composting techniques in accordance with AS4454-2012 (Composts, Soil Conditioners and Mulches) according to Soilco’s Australian Standard certified best practice management program.


Soilco’s process control system regulates the production of its products containing source separated organics. The process control system ensures that best management practices are adopted and all measures are taken to minimise risks.  By following these procedures, products of consistently high quality can be produced. The composting process eliminates:


  • Plant propagules
  • Plant and animal pathogens
  • Phytotoxicity and nutrient problems


What this means for the consumer is that Soilco is committed to providing products which come with a guarantee of high quality, performance and consistency. The consumer can order certified products such as Gold Blend Garden Mix, Landscape Native Mix or GO Compost™ with confidence that products will be of a continually high standard.


“Our certified products can be designed and approved to meet specific soil fertility, structural and biological requirements.”


Charlie Emery – General Manager


Around 50% of household waste and 30% of all waste we throw away is organic. (source: www.environment.nsw.gov.au 2011)


Composting of organic materials at home and in large-scale facilities is part of a growing trend in NSW to better manage and re-use organic material that we no longer require.


The supply of organics for soil improvement, combined with conservation land management practices, is one of the most effective strategies for providing sustainability to our farmers and land carers.


Soilco’s composting processes result in high quality end use products meeting Australian and industry standards for urban, environmental and agricultural markets. This assists our environment by reducing the carbon footprint, leading to a more sustainable future.




Soilco_histroy_early_delivery_truck Soilco Pty Ltd has its origin in 1974 when the Emery family commenced soil sales from their dairy property and the first truck was purchased for deliveries.




Soilco_histroy_looking_for_waterThe development of an irrigation point for the supply of fresh water for the dairy property was identified and subsequently secured a  long term soil resource.







Shoalhaven Sand Soil & Gravel was established as a corporate entity by Tony Emery and managed by he and his wife Maria. Tony Emery is a fifth generation resident of Wogamia, a 228-hectare property on the Shoalhaven River, and now the only remaining dairy upstream of Nowra.




Composting and waste recycling operations commenced to improve the quality of soil products and minimise the use of raw soil.


Soilco Pty Ltd was formed as the corporate umbrella for all the operations of the business. With changes to the laws in the early 1990s, there was a major statewide effort to bring existing extraction facilities up to standards that met community expectations. Soilco worked hard to meet the standards and gain NSW and Local Government recognition. This was formalised with the 1996 granting to Soilco of Development Approval to extract, compost and manufacture soil products at Wogamia (Shoalhaven City Council Development Consent 95/3205).


Kembla Grange distribution centre was opened to complement the manufacturing operation in Nowra and coincided with Soilco extending its waste management services north to Whytes Gully for Wollongong City Council.


Soilco_histroy_emerysThe NSW Environment Protection Authority issued an environment protection licence for composting and related activities to Soilco. This was the first facility to receive such a licence on the NSW south coast (EPA licence number 11542). An EPA licence is required under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (POEO Act). Under this Act, facilities that receive over 5,000 tonnes per year of wood waste, garden waste, or natural fibrous material require a composting licence.



Soilco_histroy_penguin_bannerSoilco achieved product certification for composts and soil conditioners (AS4454) and landscape soils (AS4419). Soil & compost manufacturers that are accredited are regularly audited to assure the guidelines for processing organics are accurately followed. The quality must be proven periodically via laboratory testing by an accredited, certified laboratory. An on-site laboratory must conduct regular testing during interim periods and all these results must be reported to the auditor.



Development approval for the Kembla Grange Organics Recycling Facility was completed and construction commenced in 2010.


Soilco commenced collection of commercial food waste in addition to current garden and timber waste collection and processing services.


Kembla Grange transfer station was upgraded to include aerated tunnel composting technology. ISO 9001 certification was attained.