Mulch Information


Soilco produce a range of mulches made from timber and composted garden organics. These products are superior as they free of the weed seeds and pathogens commonly found in leaf mulch.


Soilco timber mulches and wood chips consist of untreated and uncontaminated timber from forestry, sawmill and urban wood residues. This may include woodchips, off cuts, wood shavings and pallets that are collected as a separate source stream.

The timber mulches and chips are supplied in accordance with the EPA Raw Mulch Exemption 2014. This means that the source material will pose minimal risk of the presence of plant propagules, pathogens and other contaminants.

Timber mulches manufactured by Soilco are processed by shredding and screening to acquire the desired finished particle size and uniformity.

The table below shows some of the characteristics of timber mulches and chips. Click on the product name to obtain further information.



Fine Mulch
Coarse Mulch
Wood chip
Long Lasting
Windy Sites or Slopes
Commercial Quantities only
Play Ground
Deco MulchXXX
Hardwood ChipXX
Red Wood ChipX
Pine MulchXXX
Pine ChipXX
**Pine Bark 15mmXX
**Pine Bark 30mmXXX
Ecosafe Certified SoftfallXXX