Grass Seed Information


Organic Top Dress has been designed for use as a premium top dressing for lawns. The high organic content also makes it suitable for use as a planting medium for grass seed.

•    Fine consistency for good seed to soil contact.
•    Retains moisture.
•    Assists with regulation of temperature.
•    Provides insulation for the seed.




•    Grass Seed
•    Oversowing



Grass seed needs to be planted in season as germination is often dependent on soil temperature. It is not recommended that any type of grass seed be planted mid-summer or mid-winter. Check sowing instructions before selecting.
•    Always cultivate existing ground first by removing vegetation and roughening ground. Grass seed will not establish successfully if planted straight over existing turf.
•    Apply 10mm of Organic Top Dress to provide a non-crusting, moist seed bed.
•    Spread seed according to supplier instructions. Do not over apply.
•    Keep area watered until seed establishes.



Seed can be hard to germinate. When selecting seed consider quality and the germination % rate. Couch and kikuyu in particular can have low germination rates and be slow to strike.



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